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End Citizens United Is Determined To Overturn The 2010 Supreme Court Decision

End Citizens United, a new political action committee plans to stamp its authority in finance reform in 2016. The organization intends to inject millions of money to Democratic candidates vying in competitive House and Senate positions across the nation. According to the group’s communication director, Richard Carbo, they have raised more $2 million from minor donors. The entity anticipates raising as high as $30 million for the entire funding cycle. The group launched an ultimate goal of passing a constitutional amendment to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court’s decision on End Citizens United, which resulted into super PACs and doing away with dark money into politics.

Presently, more than 325,000 people have signed the End Citizen United’s petition to demand the Congress to pass the legislation. This number is expected to increase when the group reaches out to potential liberal supporters since they have partnered with “Ready for Hillary,” which will rent out its email list of upwards of 4 million people. The new PAC has announced that it has endorsed 11 Democratic candidates, among them Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. They are planning to establish an expenditure unit to support the candidates financially through different initiatives like TV ads, polling and direct mail. The entity will support candidates that are in favor of campaign finance reforms and those facing hostility from the billionaire conservatives, Koch brothers.

Some of the campaign finance professionals have slammed End Citizen United’s objective. The policy director at the Sunlight Foundation, John Wonderlich said that constitutional amendment is a high bar and explained that no single Constitutional amendment has been passed in America since 1992. Rick Hasen posited that the group could only achieve their goal if they confirm a new Supreme Court justice, who, when the time comes, will not shift the balance of the court. Rick is a campaign finance regulation-expert and a law and political science professor at UC-Irvine School of Law. This information was originally mentioned on MSNBC.

About End Citizen United

The Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United vs. F.E.C. in 2010 influenced the American landscape of elections. It opened the door for unlimited and undisclosed spending by billionaires and special interests during elections. End Citizens United was launched in March 2015 to counter the negative effects of Citizens United. Grassroots donors fund its operations. They aim to combat the use of dark money in politics and eradicate American rigged political system by electing candidates who are in favor of campaigning for finance reforms and passing state ballot measures. Their campaign targets Democrats since they play a leading role in fighting against Citizens United. Even though many Republican and Independent voters support transparency in spending, the Republican leadership in Congress does not support the mission of overturning the disastrous decision by the Supreme Court.