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Amazon Paying Closer Attention to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Amazon has been is such command of the online apparel market that they don’t have to exert too much effort wondering what their competition is doing these days. In the very competitive clothing niche, Amazon takes in 20 percent of the sales while all the other sellers have to fight for the remaining. One company that is not content on settling for those morsels any longer is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, taking over $250 million in active-wear sales in three years and really giving Amazon reason to pause.

When asked how her company has been seeing such huge success, Hudson says her athleisure brand is more than high-quality and low pricing. She says that the company utilizes a combination of unique membership perks combined with a very convenient sales process known as reverse-showrooming. Let’s look to see how these components all work together and give these women the ultimate shopping experience possible. We start our journey at the Fabletics stores in your local mall. Here you find women of every age and size trying on all the latest in women’s workout apparel. These women might be taking the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz or even window-shopping on the lunch breaks. Bottom line, you don’t have to buy anything at the mall in order for this company to grow its bottom line.

Now we journey online to the Fabletics e-commerce store to see where the real magic takes place. These women who already were shopping in the mall and trying on clothing get to see their membership benefits right out of the gate. The first thing that they will discover is all that clothing that looked great ion them at the mall has been transferred to their online accounts. Since they now know how the pants and tank tops fit, all they have to do now is to buy new arrivals, fun colors, and exciting styles. These shoppers don’t have to wait for one piece to arrive by mail before deciding, so they buy in abundance the first time.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics rewards members with free shipping on those online orders, and they also get to enjoy discounts on the active-wear. One of the unique aspects of being part of the Fabletics membership is you get your own personal shopping assistant who picks one item each month based on your quiz answers and drops it in your online shopping cart for consideration. The pampering never ends, that is why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is seeing such record numbers.


OSI Purchases Tyson Foods Plant — Chicago, Illinois

OSI Industries is an Aurora-based food processing company that has currently purchased a local Tyson Foods plant in the city of Chicago for $7.4 million. This is according to the accounts of the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. Tyson announced that they were going to have to shut the plant down and that about 450 people would lose their jobs.

At the time that OSI came along, it was estimated that about 250 employees were still working at the Tyson Foods plant. A spokesperson for OSI, Alison Kovaleski said that she was unable to state exactly how many people were still working at the plant after OSI bought it. The reason for this is because the plant had already closed before OSI Group was able to buy it, although the company would like to restore many of those positions as possible, it was unsure as to how many jobs would actually be able to be brought back.

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OSI Group has since announced that their main reason for buying the facility was because it met the needs of their current customers to continue rapidly producing more product. This is a 200,000 foot facility that the OSI Group has purchased and it is expected to boost their productivity in the area of protein-enriched foods and other growing consumer areas, which the company sites as an area of business that they they very much needed more space and warehouses to produce. The exact products cited as a reason to buy this plant and grow their production included selling more beef, pork, poultry, and sea foods to name a few.

This infrastructure that has been purchased will go a long way to helping the OSI Group meet the ever-growing demand by their customer base for these specific kinds of products, thus buying this facility made sense! OSI Industries is a privately-owned corporation that has currently running 60 facilities in 17 different countries.


Catering Through Twenty Three Layers

If you are looking to get all that you can out of your corporate event, one of the best steps you can take is to get in touch with a company that can help you with any of your planning needs. In this regard, Twenty Three Layers is one of the best corporate event planners in NYC. To make the most out of your event planning, there are a few good tips that will help you out if you are looking to put together the best event possible.


Tip #1: create an elegant do-it-yourself drink station


When you want to get the most out of your corporate event, alcohol options come with the territory. People enjoy networking with a drink or two, so give them plenty of options by putting together a self-serve bar. One of these bars will be great for you because they give you the opportunity to allow people to grab a drink right away, without having to worry about exchanging cash or standing in long lines. You can decorate this bar as elegantly as you would like, even though it is essentially people simply pouring from a variety of three or four different bottles.


This also saves costs tremendously, because it is cheaper than maintaining a cash bar or an open bar.


Tip #2: have a drink of the day


When you are serving drinks throughout the course of the corporate event, make sure that you have a favorite drink of the day that people can take advantage of. Specialty concoctions not only encourage people to enjoy the libations, it provides an instant conversation starter amongst the people who are trying to mix and mingle as they come out of their shell.


Tip #3: don’t complicate your appetizer options


When it comes to large crowds, the best thing you can do is keep your food simple. This is particularly important when it comes to appetizers. People will only want something quick to munch on, so don’t make these appetizers incredibly involved or cumbersome. A variety of bread, cheese and lean meat options can go a long way.


If this is the kind of service that you need, getting in touch with Twenty Three Layers will help you tremendously. Twenty Three layers is a company that handles everything from event catering to the planning process. They are among the best event planning companies in NYC and can help you today.