Rick Smith Provides Prison Support

Rick Smith has done everything that he can to support the prisons that he works with. He knows that Securus is a major player in the prison industry world and that he can do a lot to have a great influence over the people who are a part of the prisons. He does what he can to make things better and to give everyone a chance at making their prison a better, easier to handle place. Securus is not the first place that Rick Smith was able to make a difference, though. He worked with another prison industry company and did what he could to make things better for them before he worked at Securus. By doing this, he has made a difference in many prisons and has made administration in various prisons around the country better than what it would have been without the help that Securus is able to provide them.

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As Securus has grown, Rick Smith has brought new ideas into the company. He wants to help people have a better understanding of what they are able to do with their prisons and with the options that they have. Rick Smith knows that there is a lot of different things that most prison industry companies do but he wants to try new things on his own. By being innovative, Rick Smith is hoping that Securus will remain at the top of the list of places that provide support to the prisons around the country.

The fact that Rick Smith has an engineering degree may seem distracting and like it truly doesn’t matter but it is something that has made things easier for him in the prison industry. He has worked hard on different things and has come up with ideas that he can now use with the Securus company. For example, he has used his engineering experience to be able to show people that he can do more with things like kiosks and even management systems that will make things better for everyone. As Rick Smith has grown Securus, he has shown the ways that an engineering degree can help in that situation.

For Securus, the number one thing that needs to happen in prisons is the ability to provide support to the administrators. They are the ones who run the prison and who make all of the choices that people need in the prison. Rick Smith Securus has done everything that he can to improve the opportunities in prisons and in other areas of law enforcement. He wants to show people that they can get what they need if they simply work with Securus. He does this by showing them how much easier running a prison can be with a prison industry company. Follow Rick’s profile at LinkedIn.com.

Building a Good Financial Plan With Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions

When one builds a good financial plan, he is being responsible for his life. For one thing, a good financial plan is going to help people break free of any type of debt they may have. Fortunately, it can be very easy to create a good financial plan when one is made aware of all of the methods of making money. One does not have to be limited to just regular work. There are other ways to make money. There are other types of jobs that one can take on so that he will be able to enjoy even greater income.


One of the best ways to open up the possibilities for earning is to get advice from someone like Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. He has plenty of experience in the different methods of earning money. This is one of the reasons that he can be trusted with this activity. For one thing, he works with the best interests of his customers in mind. He gives them options on what they can do and even introduces them to new concepts and different types of income. These types of income are powerful types of income for improving financial circumstances https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-blair.


Among the forms of income that Richard Blair is trying to teach others about is passive income. This is perhaps one of the more valuable forms of income in that it allows people to continue gaining money even when they are not working. As a matter of fact, when one is getting passive income, he is making good investments into his future. After all, one should not just be caught up in working for his income. He has to think about all of the different opportunities he could find to bring his income level higher.


Richard Blair https://www.intelius.com/Find-Phone-Address/Austin-TX/Richard-Blair.html is someone who is very helpful in coming up with a good financial plan for not only becoming financial independent, but also able to support oneself when it comes time to retire. After all, when people don’t think about their retirement, they can set themselves up for something that is not going to be favorable for them.


The Impressive Career of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a prominent Senior Attorney and Capital Strategist based in New York City. Sam, like most progressive people, has been shaped up by his educational background and his unique talent to innovate and make useful decisions.

He acquired his university education in the Oxford University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2000. Tabar then proceeded to Columbia Law School and studied law. Afterward, he worked briefly as an Associate Editor of Columbia Business Law Review.

Career Achievements

Sam commenced his career at Skadden Company in 2001. His major roles in the company included; private placement and employment, investment management agreements, regulatory & compliance issues and counseling clients on hedge fund formation and structure.

His biggest accomplishments were in the year 2004 when he moved from Skadden to join SPARX Group/PMA investment advisors, in Hong Kong. While there, He quickly raised ranks up to the position of Managing Director and Co-head of Business Development.

His primary roles in that area were to manage all global marketing and deal with investor relations for a hedge fund worth two billion USD. His close working relationship with the founding partners and CEO of the company helped him make notable achievements; he raised the assets to about 1.2 billion USD, attracted more investors and created a marketing plan for large net-worthy clients, high family offices and implemented it.

Those achievements and much more got him noticed by the large companies like The Bank of America (Merrill). He later got employed there as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Asia-Pacific Region in 2010.


His primary skills are; strategizing, management, and litigation among others. He is also very fluent in French, English and can speak Japanese too. These skills coupled with his educational qualifications and career achievements have gained him the trust of many people. His most recent job (chief operating officer for Full Cycle Fund) is as a result of his skills.

Sam has also invested considerably in properties and start-ups. THINX is one these investments that support women in America and Africa by offering sanitary solutions. Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://www.facebook.com/samtabar11

Sam Tabar has indeed accomplished remarkable success in life and is not slowing down; he is a leader that the upcoming generation needs to emulate especially his money management skills.