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Daniel Mark Harrison: A Man with a Great Entrepreneurial Mind

Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur figure, and he has managed to stand out in the business sector for quite some time. Mr. Harrison has made a tremendous impact in the cryptocurrency sector. He has encompassed many qualities from being an author, businessman, entrepreneur, and evangelist. Mr. Harrison has achieved a lot in the education field. He has attained several accreditation’s in various field including a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology at the University of Oxford, a Master’s Degree in Journalism from New York University, and a Masters of Business Administration at BI Norwegian Business School.

Mr. Harrison has managed to venture the entrepreneurship world in all its depths. He has worked with many various respectable companies and firm based in New York. When it comes to improved leadership and the sales of CoinSpeaker, nobody has managed to do it like Mr. Harrison. The major success of the company has been attributed to his efforts in ensuring proper U.I of the site has been achieved, and high levels of optimization applied. Furthermore, Mr. Harrison has worked for Asian Markets-The Street in New York. He managed to set the bar for the company to a high level in the field of digital financial media. The company has remained the “company to beat” in the Asian market to date.

Apart from being involved in the business and entrepreneurship, Mr. Harrison has also proved to be an avid writer. He has published several books that have been groundbreaking in today’s society. This includes the millennial Reincarnation and Butterflies, and the strange Metamorphosis of Facts and Fiction in Today’s world are but a few to mention. Other reputable sites such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes have also tapped into the writing skills of Mr. Harrison.

Mr. Harrison, as an overseer of Monkey Capital, has made it achieve tremendous benefits in the crypto market. The company’s major role is to support the stock investments in the crypto-market. Through the expertise of Mr. Harrison, the company is making various strides to ensure safety for their customers in the interface customary budgetary market. This has been achieved by introducing various aspects such as block chain into the field. Mr. Harrison is sure of a positive business change inclined toward the digital monetary aspect eventually.

The Success of Louis Chenevert in Sailing Through a Recession

Even as the manufacturing sector of the economy has continued to become more costly, businessman Louis Chenevert has stayed one step head in the race and managed to increase the value of the companies he has been involved with. This is especially apparent in the time that Chenevert spent with United Technologies Corporation during the recession.

The manufacturing industry in the United States has declined over the past few decades. In fact, the contribution to the overall economy by manufacturing has dropped 50 percent. Many of the most prominent names in manufacturing have either collapsed or moved offshore to other locations. Louis Chenevert was committed to keeping United Technologies not only on American soil, but also in its birthplace of Hartford, Connecticut.

Through the industrial presence of United Technologies Corporation, Connecticut remains a haven for manufacturing and Louis Chenevert accomplished this without cutting corners. Even during the economy’s lower points, Chenevert helped United Technologies Corporation to thrive and create two times the revenue of other publicly traded businesses.

During the time that Louis Chenevert served as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation, he was able to grow the company exponentially through his leadership skills and dedicated focus on the future. Chenevert did so through the company’s capital of Hartford, Connecticut and maintained a prosperous work environment for all employees. He also was able keep United Technologies Corporation compliant with environmental regulations and spearhead a major increase in stock value at the same time.

United Technologies Corporation is involved in the aerospace sector, mainly providing jet engines for private and government clients. The cost of manufacturing in Connecticut is notoriously high for businesses that wish to do so. However, the goal of Louis Chenevert was not to uproot the company from where it started, but instead nurture its growth while remaining in Hartford. After becoming CEO during the economic recession, Chenevert helped keep United Technologies Corporation at the forefront of manufacturing.

Before becoming United Technologies Corporation’s CEO, Louis Chenevert was head of Pratt and Whitney, the jet engine manufacturing division of UTC. Chenevert also has over a decade of prior experience working as general manager of production at the General Motors facility in Quebec, Canada.

Avi Weisfogel: Creating Uncommon Cures

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has singlehandedly created advancements in treating sleep apnea and other disorders, which may sound out of place for a dental expert. However, Weisfogel’s work has shown that there is a specific relationship between sleep and dental health that must be addressed. Countless patients now turn to the system that Dr. Weisfogel has created in order to effectively treat their sleep apnea through dentistry.

A main factor of the success of Dr. Avi Weisfogel is his early interest in sleep disorders caused by dental issues. During his days of running a general practice, Weisfogel encountered patients who were suffering from sleep apnea and other disorders. He realized that there were underlying problems unable to be treated by a general practitioner. Dr. Weisfogel began dedicating his efforts to specializing in using dental treatments to treat these ailments.

The creation of Dental Sleep Masters allowed Dr. Avi Weisfogel to realize his vision. The program created by Weisfogel focuses on new oral appliances and personalized treatment options to help patients cure sleep apnea and similar disorders. His program also educates physicians and dentists who attend speaking events in the hope of encouraging them to help others. Weisfogel’s dedication to caring for his patients has now grown into a major business venture.

Before creating new methods to treat special issues, Dr. Avi Weisfogel spent over a decade in the general practice field of dentistry. Weisfogel was a graduate of Rutgers University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in both psychology and biology. He furthered his education and started his new career path by graduating from the College of Dentistry at NYU. Weisfogel displayed highly professional skills and leadership qualities, allowing his business to grow.

Dr. Weisfogel decided to leave his general practice in 2010 and create what would become the Dental Sleep Masters program a few years later in 2014. Focusing on sleep disorders related to oral health, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has created speaking seminars that educate other specialists and dental care providers about the relationship between dentistry and proper sleep. The products and treatments spearheaded by Dr. Weisfogel are now in use by numerous patients every month.

Why Waiakea Water is one of the World’s Top Bottled Water Brands

Waiakea has been named one of the top premium water brands in the world by a number of industry experts, including 10 Best Water which named it their overall #1 brand. The brand is also a hit with consumers which has made the company behind it, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. According to America, Inc. out of the companies on the Inc. 5000 list, they are ranked #414 in growth. The key metric they use to determine these rankings is annual revenue growth over the proceeding three years.

From 2014 to 2016, the last numbers available, Waiakea has seen a growth of over 1000%. The company was established by Ryan Emmons who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He said that achieving this type of growth was one of his biggest dreams when he decided to start bottling and selling water.

Ryan Emmons has said that the huge success of his company shows that you can ethically and responsibly run a company and still be very successful. The water they use is sustainably sourced as it is rain and snow melt that filters down through the active volcano Mana Lua at the center of the Big Island of Hawaii. The water is environmentally packaged in a responsible way as it is all 100% recycled materials.

Adding to the social responsibility of the brand, every time a bottle of Waiakea water is sold a donation is made to support villagers in Africa. Many people in Africa lack a source of clean water which Emmons is hoping to be a part of solving. Particularly hard hit are children, many of whom have died of thirst in the last several decades. The amount Waiakea donates every year to provide clean, fresh, water is more than 5% of the company‘s annual revenues.

The Waiakea brand has been recognized as one of the worlds best not only due to its taste but also its healthiness. It is naturally alkaline and full of healthy minerals. They also credit that the water is sustainably sourced and free of any additives.

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