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Why Waiakea Water is one of the World’s Top Bottled Water Brands

Waiakea has been named one of the top premium water brands in the world by a number of industry experts, including 10 Best Water which named it their overall #1 brand. The brand is also a hit with consumers which has made the company behind it, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. According to America, Inc. out of the companies on the Inc. 5000 list, they are ranked #414 in growth. The key metric they use to determine these rankings is annual revenue growth over the proceeding three years.

From 2014 to 2016, the last numbers available, Waiakea has seen a growth of over 1000%. The company was established by Ryan Emmons who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He said that achieving this type of growth was one of his biggest dreams when he decided to start bottling and selling water.

Ryan Emmons has said that the huge success of his company shows that you can ethically and responsibly run a company and still be very successful. The water they use is sustainably sourced as it is rain and snow melt that filters down through the active volcano Mana Lua at the center of the Big Island of Hawaii. The water is environmentally packaged in a responsible way as it is all 100% recycled materials.

Adding to the social responsibility of the brand, every time a bottle of Waiakea water is sold a donation is made to support villagers in Africa. Many people in Africa lack a source of clean water which Emmons is hoping to be a part of solving. Particularly hard hit are children, many of whom have died of thirst in the last several decades. The amount Waiakea donates every year to provide clean, fresh, water is more than 5% of the company‘s annual revenues.

The Waiakea brand has been recognized as one of the worlds best not only due to its taste but also its healthiness. It is naturally alkaline and full of healthy minerals. They also credit that the water is sustainably sourced and free of any additives.

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