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The Phenomenal Life of George Soros

History and early Years of George Soros

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. His family was no stranger to conflict and controversy since his father had been taken prisoner before and after the World War 1. His business skills are also not new given the fact that his mother came from a Russian family that owned a silk shop. The family name was previously Tivadar but later changed to Soros to mean ‘will soar.’ Maybe a word of optimism that the family will emerge victorious in the end despite the dangers and hardships they had to go through. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Although unknown to some people, George is a great philanthropist who most probably learned to value the needs of other people from his father. His father, during Nazis and impending danger of death for people, made fake documents that allowed people to flee for their life. For the wealthy ones, he charged them so that h would be able to take care of his needs. It is during that difficult times that George learned survival tactics. For instance, while he was only thirteen, he spared his life through pretense and stating that he was the son of the minister of Agriculture of then.

George Soros in business and Investment

While some people may not appreciate the fact that George Soros is an affluent man because of diligence, hard work, and strategy that cannot be stated otherwise. He is a graduate of London School of Business with a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree in Philosophy. Unfortunately, following his graduation, it was difficult for him to secure employment since racism was still rampant and he was forced to work as a traveling salesman. He did not get tired of writing letters applying for better jobs. Fortunately, in 1954 he was able to secure employment in Singer and Friedlander as a clerk because the managing director was a fellow Hungarian as noted by the Politico Magazine. Later he was able to serve in the arbitrage department before moving to New York. It is while in New York that he continued to thrive in the business including the establishment of the Soros Fund Management which would later be changed to Quantum Fund. Learn more on about George Soros.

George Soros Philanthropy

George has a heart for the underprivileged and the poor and that’s why in 2009, he donated $35 million to New York for parents with benefit cards and needy children. Each child aged between 3to 17 was given $200 without a restriction on the number of children who qualified. This motivated the authority in New York that added another $140 million from federal recovery act.


Betsy Devos Continues To Work For Equal Education For Everyone

A young Elisabeth Prince, Betsy DeVos, became interested in politics while attending Calvin College almost 30 years ago and today her interest is as high as it was then. Over the years she has led many campaigns, party organizations, and political action committees. Perhaps most noteworthy, Betsy served as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years. Betsy DeVos and her husband Richard have long sought solutions to social problems, founding the Windquest Group in 1989 to invest in technology, manufacturing, and clean energy, Betsy serves as chairman of the group. She is also the head of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, where she pursues reform through many nonprofit organizations. Her charitable contributions include support for the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, and many others. Betsy is a long-time supporter of educational reform, and in that capacity, she is the chairman of the American Federation for Children and the Alliance for School Choice. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

In a recent interview, Betsy, when asked how she felt about the progress of school choice since Wisconsin started the first school choice voucher program in the United States. Betsy Devos noted with optimism, in the 25 years since this landmark program began there are now over 250,000 students in 33 publicly funded, programs operating in 17 states. The program grew by another 40,000 last year, and the program has expanded to several new states, including Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Mississippi along with several others. Betsy attributes this growth to the fact people are becoming aware that public schools are not working, and in some cases are failing. When asked what got her interested in school choice, she explained it was a gradual process that did not happen overnight, starting when she and her husband were enrolling their children in a Christian school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While at the school they met parents who were struggling to keep their children in a school that offered a safe, friendly learning atmosphere. During return visits to the school, they realized how fortunate they were to be able to send their children to any school they wanted and slowly began exploring ways to help parents, that were not as lucky, to offer their children the same opportunities. This experience led to her life-long devotion to the cause of school choice.

Today, Betsy DeVos is the 11th U.S. secretary of education, nominated by President Donald J. Trump and confirmed by the Senate on February 7, 2017. Betsy continues to be an advocate for children and a voice for parents in her unwavering desire to provide quality education for every child. In her capacity as the secretary, she will work with President Trump to advocate for equal educational opportunities for every student. Read more news on

George Soros Shows His Support for the Democrats

George Soros is a hedge fund investor from New York. Soros has featured in the headlines several times for his political ideals and also for his philanthropic activities. Soros has been involved in the political dynamics of many countries across the world. He has been an active participant in the eviction of dictatorial regimes. George Soros has a $1.3 billion fortune that gives him the power to influence the political situation of different regions and that helps him offer huge donations towards various causes. Read more on

The Background of Soros

Soros was raised in Hungary at a time when the Nazi forces were dominating the country. He was forced to flee the country and was able to fund his education by performing odd jobs. He pursued his studies at the “London School of Economics”. A couple of years later, Soros travelled to New York to work on Wall Street. He later established a hedge fund with a whopping $12 million and named it the Quantum fund. Soros is known for his investment efforts that are channeled through the “Soros Fund Management”.

George Soros has a soft spot for refugees owing to his early life experiences. In September 2016, he announced that he was going to contribute $500 million to firms established by European refugees and migrants. Soros has offered gifts to many organizations that support immigrants. There are reports that he, on a recent occasion, injected $3 million into a “Political Action Committee” whose motive was to rally Hispanics to vote.

Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros’ Involvement in Politics

In 2004, George Soros spend an amazing $27 million in an effort to topple the former U.S. president George W. Bush from presidency. In the hotly contested 2016 elections, Soros backed up the conservatives by donating over $25 million as financial assistance to Hillary Clinton and other candidates of the Democratic Party. He was further expected to inject more into the campaigns, according to the estimates of political experts. Although the 85 year old intended to attend a Democratic Convention to watch Clinton, he had to cancel his appearance because he was involved in active currency trading and wanted to keenly monitor the European markets

The “Federal Elections Commission” also reports that Soros contributed $2 million to an opposition PAC, “American Bridge 21st Century”. The PAC targets Trump and Republican candidates. Soros further contributed $5 million to a PAC dedicated to rallying Hispanic voters, the “Immigrant Voters Win”. Soros has also given an additional $5 million to another group, “The Voting Rights Trust” a non-profit organization aimed at fighting efforts to limit voting. “End Citizens United” is another PAC that has benefited from donations from Soros.

Reports say that Soros is determined to see Trump lose the elections to Clinton not because of the personal differences between the two but because he opposes most of Trump’s proposed policies.

End Citizens United Is Determined To Overturn The 2010 Supreme Court Decision

End Citizens United, a new political action committee plans to stamp its authority in finance reform in 2016. The organization intends to inject millions of money to Democratic candidates vying in competitive House and Senate positions across the nation. According to the group’s communication director, Richard Carbo, they have raised more $2 million from minor donors. The entity anticipates raising as high as $30 million for the entire funding cycle. The group launched an ultimate goal of passing a constitutional amendment to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court’s decision on End Citizens United, which resulted into super PACs and doing away with dark money into politics.

Presently, more than 325,000 people have signed the End Citizen United’s petition to demand the Congress to pass the legislation. This number is expected to increase when the group reaches out to potential liberal supporters since they have partnered with “Ready for Hillary,” which will rent out its email list of upwards of 4 million people. The new PAC has announced that it has endorsed 11 Democratic candidates, among them Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. They are planning to establish an expenditure unit to support the candidates financially through different initiatives like TV ads, polling and direct mail. The entity will support candidates that are in favor of campaign finance reforms and those facing hostility from the billionaire conservatives, Koch brothers.

Some of the campaign finance professionals have slammed End Citizen United’s objective. The policy director at the Sunlight Foundation, John Wonderlich said that constitutional amendment is a high bar and explained that no single Constitutional amendment has been passed in America since 1992. Rick Hasen posited that the group could only achieve their goal if they confirm a new Supreme Court justice, who, when the time comes, will not shift the balance of the court. Rick is a campaign finance regulation-expert and a law and political science professor at UC-Irvine School of Law. This information was originally mentioned on MSNBC.

About End Citizen United

The Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United vs. F.E.C. in 2010 influenced the American landscape of elections. It opened the door for unlimited and undisclosed spending by billionaires and special interests during elections. End Citizens United was launched in March 2015 to counter the negative effects of Citizens United. Grassroots donors fund its operations. They aim to combat the use of dark money in politics and eradicate American rigged political system by electing candidates who are in favor of campaigning for finance reforms and passing state ballot measures. Their campaign targets Democrats since they play a leading role in fighting against Citizens United. Even though many Republican and Independent voters support transparency in spending, the Republican leadership in Congress does not support the mission of overturning the disastrous decision by the Supreme Court.