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Eva Moskowitz Changes the Course of Education

Eva Moskowitz has become a catalyst for changing the education system. There are a lot of people that are sitting around talking about education reform. Most people have a lot of talk to do about the education system. Few people have made a sound decision to actually take the time to do something productive for the reforming of education. Eva Moskowitz took a huge leap of faith and made a decision to put the Success Academy into place. This has been a very important part of the New York City education system. This has totally changed the landscape of education for students.


Zoning can complicate things when it comes to education, but Eva Moskowitz is one of those people that wanted to see some strides in education. She did something amazing by creating this Success Academy school system. This is a school that has a predominant number of students that are African American. Eva Moskowitz decided that she would put her time and energy in a starting a school system where members of the community where held accountable. People that wanted a quality education for their children could get this, but it would not just be handed to them. They had to get involved. This would be the thing that could change the way the lives of many children in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Manhattan kids also been from more than 40 schools that are spread throughout the New York school system.


Eva Moskowitz knows that it is making a difference, and she has really put forth the effort to make sure that more students are prepared for the real world. That is the trouble that so many students have. They go through school, and they are not prepared for any type of jobs in the real world. They are not prepared for higher education. Eva Moskowitz has even taken things several steps further to say that many students in traditional schools are not even prepared to compete internationally against students in other countries. It is through the charter Success Academy that she has made an indentation in education reform.